Perradione, a brand that represents the La Pearl Drient Group, a long-established pearl wholesale maker for 70 years, was able to celebrate its 15th anniversary as a jewelry brand that handles various pearls. Taking advantage of our strength as a wholesale pearl manufacturer, we offer our customers good quality products at a price that is commensurate with their strength. In addition, based in Kobe, the city of pearls, we deliver our brand jewelry to our customers through various sales channels. We have developed a wide range of design products using pearls of various sizes, with the desire to spread pearl jewelry, which had a strong image of dressing up and ceremonial occasions, as an item for everyday wear.



In 2007, the President of French Polynesia praised Lapar Drient Co., Ltd. Chairman Choudry Vidan for his great contribution and success in promoting Tahiti Pearl.

Awarded the medal "ORDER DE TAHITI NUI"




(Reference) French medals are based on the medieval knights (Ordre Ordor), and often use the ranks of knights such as chevalier (knights of chevalier), officier (officier officer), and commandeur (commandeur knight captain). .. These classes are based on seniority when awarded to French, but simply based on achievement when awarded to foreigners.