K14YG Natural Color Akoya Baby Pearl Necklace

  • ¥85,000
- ¥-85,000

This product is made with a plentiful amount of 2-4mm each size for light necklace. We also use 2-2.5mm of the 2mm size, which includes a very valuable size. This is a necklace with an attractive size and a slightly different design, as well as a price that only Perlagione can afford.


K14Yellow gold 

Total length approx. 65cm

・ Akoya pearl 2 ~ 3.9mm (Semi-round)

・ Overall weight about 6.4g

·Made in Japan

·Product code:861110007397

The color of the posted photo may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your PC environment. Please note.
* Size and weight are guidelines. Please note that due to individual differences in pearls, some errors may occur in each individual.
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