Perr radione monthly column - September

Pearl Festival

It is autumn on the calendar, but hot days exceeding 30 degrees every day continue.

How are you doing, everyone?

This month's theme is the Pearl Festival. Speaking of festivals, it is an image that is often held from spring to autumn during the season when the climate is good. Japan's leading festivals are Gion Festival (Kyoto), Tenjin Festival (Osaka), Kanda Festival (Tokyo) and many people from all over Japan. Not only do all festivals attract spectators, but they also take care of their historical background.

Did you know that there is a festival to thank and pray for the harvest of pearls, the festival is called the "Pearl Festival" and is held every year on The Kenjima island of Shinming, Aji-cho, Shima City, where the Ise-Shima Summit was held on October 22.This year, in consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it has been decided that the event to mobilize the audience will be canceled, but it seems that the release party will be held only by the parties concerned.About 60,000 pearls are released in Ago Bay, the birthplace of akoya pearl farming,We pray for the memorial service of Akoya mother shellfish that will end their life with the birth of pearls and the promotion of the pearl farming world. It is a historic festival that has continued to this day since it began in 1951. There are various events such as akoya soup, which is usually eaten less, small dances by local children, and red and white mochi making with tickets per pearl product, including a release party, and it is a festival that you can enjoy. Why don't you visit Shima City, Mie Prefecture when public participation events are also held in the future?


Pearl festivals are held not only in Japan but also overseas. In Broome, located in the northwestern part of Australia, pearl farming flourished around the second half of the 19th anniversary, and it is said that people who migrated from China and Malaysia contributed greatly to the development of the city with the migration of pearl divers from Japan. Eventually, the leaders of local residents took in the culture of Asian immigrants,Focusing on the concentration of Japanese Obon, China's Hang Seng, malaysia's Independence Day, etc. in August, we will decide to hold a new festival. It is said that the festival was named "Festival of the Pearl". The Pearl Festival is held during the full moon season in August or September and lasts approximately 10 days. This year's Pearl Festival is held from August 29 to September 6. At the festival, you can introduce the culture and history of the local Bloom, as well as enjoy stalls and fireworks.

In this way, pearl festivals are held all over the world.

The Pearl Festival is an indispensable part of the world because it respects culture, appreciates the seasons, and connects people.We would appreciate it if you could deepen your love and familiarity with pearls and the culture surrounding pearls through the Pearl Festival, which is crowded with many tourists, including people living in areas where pearl farming is thriving.

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