~ Aiming for everyday use ~

There are various lifestyles as the number of active women increases.

Some women work in the office during the day and taking care of the children in the afternoon, some women work in the office during the day and goes to the gym or studio after work, yoga instructors who go around the studio several times a day, and A housewife woman who creates a comfortable environment for her families every day.

We aim to make jewelry that is close to our daily lives, where we move our bodies constantly.

Features of our jewelry

Pearls are living gems, and it depends on the craftsman's hands and the vitality of each pearl to create a beautiful shining pearl in natural colors. Pearls are carefully raised every day, like babies, from the core. Pearls will grow while taking appropriate care depending on the environmental conditions such as seawater temperature and wave flow.

With the skill and wisdom of craftsmen, they can create pearls that are always beautiful and attractive.

Beautiful pearls that shine for a long time have a high rarity value and are often used in formal scenes such as noble ceremonial occasions. We have changed that way of thinking, designing beautiful pearl jewelry that is easy to coordinate in everyday life, and offering it at an affordable price.

Perlagione jewelery will stay with you in your daily life and on special occasions.