Perr radione monthly column - August

Happiness is not what you want or grab, it is something you notice

Everyone, how are you spending your hot days?

Various events were scheduled to be held, but I think that there are many people who are putting up with fun such as cancellation and postponement one after another due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Depending on the current social changes, motivation is also lowering.

This time, I will talk about "daily happiness".

I want to be happy! I think many people are trying to find out how to create a better environment.

In this day and time, it seems that the number of good news being reported has decreased. There are many how-to books and seminars in the world to make you happy. Of course, stories about successful people and those who have led various people to happiness can be very good. Even so, what you actually feel happy and want varies from person to person. The way of feeling and the way of thinking are different for each person like ten people ten colors.

Take this opportunity to reflect on the fun and good things that have remained in your life so far.

For example, "The cake shop I found during a walk last weekend was very good and the cake was very delicious" and "My daughter and grandchildren came over the weekend and ate rice together at home".

Even a little event is "Ah! When I look back on that episode of "I felt a little happy for a moment", small happiness piles up, and my heart feels warm. Looking back and thinking, noticing the situation, etc.the environment in which I am now,From an objective point of view, you may notice happiness. 「There are words such as "no one", but why don't you notice the feeling of gratitude and feel "happiness" every day?

As I introduced in my Pearl Day column in June, pearl stone words include health, longevity, wealth, and chastity. Pearls are sometimes said to be power stones that help with mental stability and healing. I hope pearls can help motivate you.

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