Perr radione monthly column - June

June- Pearl Day

The birthstone of June is a pearl. And June 1st is Pearl Day.

Why Pearl Day in the first place...? In other things, including the desire of the Japan Pearl Promotion Association, which is a gathering of pearl export officials, to "spread the beauty of pearls",1965It was established on June 1, 1965.

The desire to "spread the beauty of pearls" is now used in a wide variety of casual and formal pearl accessories, which are indispensable for fashionable adult women's fashion.

Just as the royal families of each country that we often see on TV and in magazines wear pearls, pearls have a refined shine, shine, and are sure to be happy jewelry.

Stone words are gems that can be attached forever regardless of age, such as "health", "longevity", "wealth", and "obedient".

Why don't you give pearl jewelry to a pearl anniversary that is only once a year, a reward for you or a gift for your important person?

It would be an honor if we could help.


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